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WElcome to the ParaGliding Academy

Who we are

We’re not recreational pilots. We’re not old men and women of the sport. We’re the tip of the spear, the bleeding edge, the athletes on the front lines pushing what is possible. We’re top level competition pilots, acrobatic masters and cross-country pioneers. 

What we Do

We don’t just teach people to fly, we take people who were taught paragliding, and we turn them into real pilots. XC pilots, acro pilots, safe and wise and smart pilots. We’re not just instructors, We are coaches and mentors, guides and friends. We are not obsessed or addicted to flying, we have lives, relationships, families. We have balance, and we can teach you that too.

Spring Tune up with Ari

A live, online paragliding course that sets you up for your best flying season yet

Epic Tours

Weeklong paragliding tours in the world’s best flying destinations
Small groups, world class guides
Direct radio instruction, track log debriefs, gear and flight plan coaching
Thoughtful lodging, dining and itineraries.

Siv and acro training

The most in-depth and comprehensive trainings available, in the world’s most renowned and beautiful paragliding desitnation; Ölüdeniz turkey. tour-style with included accommodations and tons of 1-on-1 time with 2 instructors and small groups.

The Gaggle community

Our digital community
Gives you access to the knowledge of paragliding experts around the globe.
Monthly live Q&A sessions to answer all your questions about anything from techniques to weather to gear, acro to xc to competition!

Ari Delashmutt


Hi! I’m Ari in the Air, and paragliding has been my life for a long time. I’ve flown in 15 countries, on five continents, in every discipline.
My unique approach to paragliding intertwines our incredible sport with emotional intelligence and perspective, while delivering it all with the highest level clarity and articulation that I can muster.
I aim to empower people to transform their lives through the challenges and experience that paragliding brings, in a similar way that paragliding changed my life. It is a high aim, but it is a satisfying and fulfilling one. 

Come fly with us

Have any questions? Ready to explore the sky? Get in touch and start the most incredible journey of your life, today!