The Spring tune-up

A live, online sports psychology course for paraglide pilots

Get ready to level up

whether you’re getting ready for your first full season and you want to survive and learn as much as possible, or you’re gearing up to break records and crush comps, this short but impactful course will give you the perspective and tools for the upcoming season to be as safe, satisfying and enjoyable as humanly possible.

A roadmap to optimized progression

If you don’t know where you are at, it is hard to get to where you want to be. This course will show you right where you are, and give you a customized plan with the exact steps that you need to take to achieve your flying goals this season, while staying safe, maximizing your flight time and avoiding accidents and injury.

Tactical and practical

This course will cover the highest-leverage topics for paragliding progression. From mindset hacks that unlock your confidence and erase your fear, to thermaling, xc and comp tactics that level up your understanding, this course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge that make big progress possible this year.

a Well-rounded toolkit

There is no other course like this available anywhere. Ari’s history as a pro athlete, a pg instructor and a men’s coach all come together to give you a totally unique and holistic perspective on how paragliding can enrich your life, and how to fly at the highest level possible.

You’ll leave this course with:

your own pilot blueprint™ & The motivational matrix tool, Ari’s proprietary pilot assessment tools that set you up to understand why you fly, how you fly and where you want to go with paragliding.

A Customized, tactical plan of what you need to focus on this season, and the exact steps you need to take to get to your goals this season.

Fresh perspective to avoid frustration, comparing yourself to others, burnout and unnecessary risk, accidents and injuries.

New flying friends from all over the world

Your instructor

Ari in the air

ari has been a professional action sports athlete his entire adult life. He’s been paragliding for more than 9 years and over 2500 flight hours in 14 countries on 5 continents. Initially he chased acrobatics, reminiscent of his freeskiing background. Eventually, after his first 115km XC flight, (acro harness, no flight instrument, food or water or any idea what he was doing), he was hooked. He’s been chasing XC and competition flying ever since.

Ari has taught paragliding, philosophy and relationship skills on his youtube channel since 2017. He lives in bend Oregon and coaches men on their communication and relationships, running a men’s group and teaching courses. He organizes international paragliding clinics, providing a unique opportunity for men to develop their skills while also focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.


  • Pilots who want to maximize their enjoyment, their safety and their performance this season
  • Pilots who want to fly as much as possible this year
  • Pilots who are self-aware, emotionally intelligent and smart
  • Pilots who are open-minded, curious, and motivated.

Limited spots Available

April 6th, 13th and 21st, 2024, 9am pst

Ari’s zoom room. Link with registration.

Only $297 for your best, safest season yet!


Have any questions? i am always open to discussing your life, your flight goals, gear and how i can help you.