Level up your flying and your life

Spring Tune Up

whether you’re getting ready for your first full season and you want to survive and learn as much as possible, or you’re gearing up to break records and crush comps, this short but impactful course will give you the perspective and tools for the upcoming season to be as safe, satisfying and enjoyable as humanly possible.


A sports psychology and emotional intelligence course for men who fly

There are so many good men out there, who want to care for their friends, their families, their women and themselves, but they don’t have the best words and the right skills to assert their love and care onto others in a way that is effective, received and deeply satisfying.

Your instructor

Ari in the air

ari has been a professional action sports athlete his entire adult life. He’s been paragliding for more than 9 years and over 2500 flight hours in 14 countries on 5 continents. Initially he chased acrobatics, reminiscent of his freeskiing background. Eventually, after his first 115km XC flight, (acro harness, no flight instrument, food or water or any idea what he was doing), he was hooked. He’s been chasing XC and competition flying ever since.

Ari has taught paragliding, philosophy and relationship skills on his youtube channel since 2017. He lives in bend oregon and coaches men on their communication and relationships, running a men’s group and teaching courses. he also runs international paragliding clinics through the paragliding academy.


Have any questions? i am always open to discussing your life, your flight goals, gear and how i can help you.