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Hi I’m Ari in the Air

Hi! I’m Ari in the Air, and paragliding has been my life for a long time. I’ve flown in 15 countries, on five continents, in every discipline. Comps in China, acro in Chile, cross country in Italy – I’ve seen a lot of the global paragliding culture and I’ve learned from some of the best. I’ve taught a ton of people to fly – friends, family, and strangers alike. My paragliding tutorials on YouTube have gotten nearly 1,000,000 views all over the world. My unique approach to paragliding intertwines our incredible sport with emotional intelligence and perspective, while delivering it all with the highest level clarity and articulation that I can muster. I aim to empower people to transform their lives through the challenges and experience that paragliding brings, in a similar way that paragliding changed my life. It is a high aim, but it is a satisfying and fulfilling one. 

So Welcome to the Academy!

Our goal here is to provide the highest level instruction, mentorship and coaching available anywhere in the world. Our connection to the global paragliding community and its top athletes and instructors inform our approach to the technical side, while our unrelenting work on our personal growth and conscious communication shape the texture of our student’s experience learning from us. We want our school to not just teach people to fly, but live as an example of how teacherly authority is held, our perspectives on what is important to us, and how we treat and communicate with one another. 

We’re doing things differently, and we know that you’ll notice. Thanks for being here.

Fly With Us

If you’re ready to go deep and get high, welcome to the Academy.