The World’s First Paragliding Men’s Group

focused on emotional intelligence and relational skill

Learn the skills that maximize your performance as a pilot and enrich your life as a man.

This Group is for male pilots who want to have amazing lives.

These men have found paragliding as one of the most profound things that make their lives better. They know that it is not their glider that needs to improve for them to fly better, it is them. They know their lives don’t have to be easier on them, they see opportunities for growth in their challenges. These men will absolutely level up with this group. This group focuses on tangible skills that affect your life in the air and on the ground.

Everyone knows that the world’s best pilots fly the same gliders as their competition, in the same air. Yet something sets them apart. They aren’t dealing with the brakes differently, we all pull them the same. The thing that sets the best of the best apart, is how they deal with themselves. It is a profound art to be emotionally intelligent and to have a stable and sharp psyche, and theses skills radically affect your flying and your life.

How much are you leaving on the table by not knowing how to deal with yourself?

Tactical and practical

This group is a high-level emotional intelligence course. Being an emotionally intelligent man is not a personality trait or an inherited gene. It is a straight forward set of skills that anyone can learn. This course will give you the highest-leverage tools for men’s flying psychology, emotional intelligence, and communication, so that you can fly further, safer and live your life with more freedom, connection, mastery and love.

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A roadmap to optimized progression

So many men spend years floundering through the same problems, in the sky and on the ground. Stop it. You have an ignorance gap and you can close it surprisingly fast if you face it earnestly and invest the time and effort that it takes to make meaningful change in your life. The cost of not learning these skills is immense. There are so many other men who are learning to fly well and going through similar problems, who have chosen to pour their effort into improving themselves and their skills so that they can have better outcomes in their flying and lives. Join us.

The 3 pillars of the emotionally intelligent Pilot

You’ll leave this group with the 3 main skills needed to live and fly with mastery and satisfaction

Awareness – That you can hear the signals in yourself and in others

Communication – That you can share your thoughts and feelings, hear other people and co-create your life

Wisdom – that you can connect to what is good, true and beautiful and integrate it into your life

A Team and a Community

The vast majority of pilots lack proper mentorship and they feel isolated in the biggest issues in their lives. This stunts their progression and keeps them stuck in these problems far longer than they need to be.

The shape and structure of our group is designed to eliminate this isolation and replace it with an environment of mutual support. You support other men on their journey, and they support you on yours.

We use tools that make accountability easy and effective.

You bring your real self. Everyone’s authenticity and motivation contributes to the group.

You get to connect with other like-minded men, and practice skills and tools in a secure and private setting.

Learn new skills. Understand yourself more. Fly way fucking better. Change your life.

Your guide

Ari in the air

Ari is a highly skilled coach specializing in helping men improve their communication and relationship skills. With a background as a professional action sports athlete, he brings a unique perspective to his coaching practice. Based in Bend, Oregon, Ari runs a men’s group and teaches courses focused on empowering men to foster healthy skills for robust lives.

Through his YouTube channel and podcast, Ari shares his expertise in paragliding, philosophy, and relationship skills, offering valuable insights to a wide audience.

Ari’s dedication to coaching men extends beyond his local community. He organizes international paragliding clinics through the Paragliding Academy, providing a unique opportunity for men to develop their skills while also focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.


  • Men who want to be more mature and more intelligent
  • Men who want to fly further, safer and with more meaning
  • Men who have leverage to impact lives – they have partners, children, friends or employees who they deeply care about
  • Men who want to live with more connection and authenticity
  • Men who are motivated to improve themselves and the world

Exclusive group

weekly meetings online, sunday mornings may 2024

$500 a month, 3 month minimum

Learn the skills that maximize your performance as a pilot and enrich your life as a man. Get support. Change your life.


Have any questions? i am always open to discussing your life, your goals and how i can help you.