Ölüdeniz, Turkey

The Turkish Double Header

Two Instructors | 7 full days | Double your Skills

If you could imagine the most ideal paragliding tour, you would be in one of the most beautiful places on earth, in a rich and exotic culture. You’d be flying everyday, with consistent weather, from an easily accessed launch. Ample 1-on-1 time with your coaches. You’re with an amazing group of people who you make into friends. Sunsets, beaches, bliss.

Now we’ve made it a reality for you. Introducing The Turkish Double Header – Its like an SIV/Acro course made love with an exotic paragliding tour and they had a beautiful baby unlike any tour available. 

By the end of the week, you’ll have more skill, more confidence, more friends and two instructors who will mentor you indefinitely.

A course like no other

Most siv and acro courses in Oludeniz are about $1,500, without accommodations, only 4 flying days with only 2 coached runs per day, and limited 1-on-1 time with instructors. Our tour more than doubles the amount of coached runs and is the only course in the world to give you ongoing mentorship, indefinitely. This format is better.

We’re not renting you the maneuvers for the weekend. We’re setting you up to own them, for life.

These small-group courses are held in Ölüdeniz Turkey which is a mecca for acro pilots and one of the best locations in the world for maneuvers training. No other location on the planet provides the same kind of altitude, consistent weather, and affordable and convenient access to launch.

Unlike tow-based SIV courses that many pilots are familiar with, flights in Oludeniz are all foot-launched from one of 5 take offs on Babadag mountain, a 6400′ high peak that rises straight out of the Mediterranean sea. Because of the mild climate and launches covering every possible wind aspect, conditions are reliably flyable nearly every day of the high season, from April through October.

The take offs are accessed primarily via gondola, which runs continuously throughout the day. Under typical conditions, pilots enjoy a stress-free glide for about 10 minutes before arriving into the maneuvers area with over 3-4000′ of useable altitude, and land next to the beach at sea level. 


Bronze Hotel Ölüdeniz

Stay in comfort and style right near the LZ. Walking distance from restaurants and bars.

(Ari reserves the right to change the accommodation to a different hotel at any time, we will always substitute like for like and get the best possible option available. Most of the hotels in town are pretty damn sweet!)


 For pilots from beginner P2’s to XC and acro enthusiasts,
our new adventure tour will help you progress your flying while experiencing one of the most iconic paragliding venues in the world.

  • P2, P3 and P4 Pilots who want to learn and improve their safety, glider handling, manuevers, acro and general paragliding knowledge and experience – From our time guiding, we have noticed that all pilots learn more when in a group of mixed abilities
  • Pilots who can launch and land with minimal or no help
  • People who are open-minded, curious, motivated, enthusiastic, friendly, polite, team-oriented, mindful, and fun! 
  • Call Ari today to have a quick chat and determine if the turkish double header is perfect for you

Limited Spots Still Available

October 9-15 2023

May 2024 clinic reservations

$1,000 secures your spot for the spring training. 4 weeks will be available, all of them starting Sunday and ending Saturday. Tour details to be announced in November. We’re running tours all September and October ’23 and using this experience to refine our clinic details for next year! Spots fill super fast, get your place now!


We offer full in-flight radio guidance for pilots that wish to use it. As well as giving pilots the chance to have lots of 1-on-1 time with multiple articulate instructors to discuss anything thing you would like to improve throughout the trip. Ask anything, get good advice and get a clear plan on your path to progression.

In order to optimize the learning environment, this course is structured in a way that provides every student ample opportunity to practice their skills and increase the intensity and complexity of each maneuver in a gradual and controlled manner.

The small group environment provides for increased instructor attention, improved group cohesion and morale, and allows everyone to fly multiple times each day in order to get plenty of repetition of each maneuver and fully understand every drill.

This progressive method of training aims to improve information retention and reduce mistakes caused by fatigue and stress. The course is designed to be flexible so that students can feel free to train at an intensity and cadence that works for them.

On a typical day, we meet at 9am at the gondola for the first flight of the day. During the ride up we briefly review the flight plan which we have already discussed previously, ensuring that the knowledge and plan of action is first in your mind. I fly down first, and each student will launch one at a time in a predetermined order spaced out by several minutes. Once everyone has completed their runs

we’ll do a short 1-on-1 debrief and then tweak the flight plan as necessary. We spend the first half of the day, typically 2-3 flights, at this cadence and aim to finish by about 1-2pm. The remainder of the day will be focused on having students practice autonomously, getting repetitions of skills at an intensity that is within their comfort zone and emphasizing precision and consistency of the maneuver over pushing the envelope.

During the free-flight session of the day, everyone will be moving at their own pace, but I’ll be available for questions and feedback intermittently. At the end of the day, we get together to review personal video footage to see how the “homework” section of the day went, and prepare for the next day.

Aside from maneuvers training, there are also soaring opportunities, light thermals and small xc missions that can be had. Both of your instructors are very experienced XC and competition pilots who can advise and demonstrate every skill that you would ever need to fly safe and successful flights of any kind, in any circumstance. We are going to be your coaches and mentors for paragliding in general.

While the course is 7 days, in order to manage student fatigue, the 4th day is a designated rest/free flight day. Fatigue management is a critical part of the overall experience and optimal learning, so pilots are welcome to take the day off entirely if they so choose.

By the end, you’ll have relationships with two instructors who you trust, and a platform to receive their support for the rest of your flying career.


Ölüdeniz is the perfect place for pilots to practice SIV maneuvers, acrobatics and any glider handling technique imaginable. Students will have as much instructor observation and radio guidance as they want.

skills that can be taught:

Collapses and recovery

Spins, stalls and backfly

Every acrobatic maneuver that exists. Horseshoe to twisted infinite!

Glider handling – pitch control, carving and active piloting

Thermaling technique – mapping, coring and finding triggers

Speed bar and active piloting on speed bar

Speed to fly theory and practice

Gliding techniques for efficiency and performance

XC Theory – LZ’s, weather, cloud flying, flight instruments and anything else you could possibly want to learn about flying paragliders cross-country


  • Consultation before the trip
  • 7 days of flying and adventure with your guides
  • 8 nights accommodation (including the nights before and after the tour)
  • pre & post flight brefing/debriefing
  • In-air radio guidance
  • 1-to-1 time with an instructor to discuss your current level and any goals you are working towards
  • Reserve repack if you throw!


  • Airline flights or travel costs
  • Food and drink
  • Cost of any additional or optional activities
  • Insurance (required)
  • Launch fees and tram rides
  • Any additional nights accommodation if you arrive early or leave late


  • USHPA P2 license or above or international equivalent license
  • Paragliding Equipment
    • Certified paraglider
    • Certified harness
    • Reserve parachute
    • Helmet
    • Unlocked dual-band VHF radio – we recommend the Yaesu FT-270 or FT-65R.
  • Ability to confidently take off and land on your own. (Expect no-wind forwards too!)
  • Basic fitness level – ability to sustain a 35-minute power walk or hike your glider kit 2 miles continuous
  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes – hiking boots are ideal
  • USHPA does not cover third party insurance outside of USA. You can purchase travel insurance from World Nomads.


Ari Delashmutt


Ari in the Air – Ari has been a professional action sports athlete his entire adult life. He’s been paragliding for more than 8 years and over 2000 flight hours in 15 countries on 5 continents. Initially he chased acrobatics, reminiscent of his freeskiing background. Eventually, after his first 115km XC flight, (acro harness, no flight instrument, food or water or any idea what he was doing), he was hooked. He’s been chasing XC and competition flying ever since.  

Kris Holub

Dean of SIV & Acro

“when I started paragliding I took a relatively unusual path at the time – I found myself almost immediately drawn to aerobatics and received my first taste of SIV at the conclusion of my first season, and knew that this was going to become a significant part of my life. I was so captivated by acro flying that I quit my job as a successful aerospace robotics engineer and moved to Europe for 4 months, where I lived, ate, and breathed acro flying. For those 4 months I flew whenever it was flyable – all day, 7 days a week, attempting to feed my insatiable appetite for knowledge and progression. 

My mission now is to combine my talents as a communicator, my knowledge as pilot, and my passion for this community in order to help others accelerate their learning curve. It is my sincere desire that every pilot I work with is able to learn as much as possible, as safely and efficiently as possible, so that they can become better, safer, and more confident pilots whatever their dreams and aspirations are.


All packages subject to 3% paypal fees

private Room

7 flying Day Tour
8 Nights Accommodation in a private room
Lifetime membership to the gaggle learning community
lifelong paragliding mentorship
Includes everything listed under tour details
Most SIv’s here are ~$1,500 but only have 4 coached days, Don’t include lodging and after the tour, you’re cut off from the instructors! We fixed all that.

Ölüdeniz, Turkia

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