Advanced XC Clinic and Tour, September 1-9, 2024

The pinnacle of mountain flying

If you want to have the most incredible paragliding trip of your life, with a tight-knit group, flying big xc flights over insane peaks, under perfect clouds, with ari wingtip to wingtip with you, coaching you at every step, this tour is for you. Let us do the heavy lifting with lodging, transport and weather so you can focus on the best flying of your life.

This course is for xc pilots who have at least 50hrs, have flown some decent xc flights (~50km) and have completed some SIV training. These pilots probably have a pod harness and at least a high B glider. They are ready to really level up and they’ve put in the homework to be ripe for a week of articulate instruction.

This tour will move around the dolomites to chase the best conditions, in coordination with locals on the ground. This tour is for pilots who are keen to push hard for a week of flying. We might have to move to a different hotel mid week, we might have to drive a few hours in the morning to get to a different launch, we might have big retrieves in the evenings if we fly far. This will be a small group with capped registration.

About The Dolomites

The dolomites are the most iconic mountain range in the alps. Stunning peaks with jagged features erupt out of pristine valleys. Water so clear you can drink it, views so unbelievable you have to remember to breathe. This is the paradise, the mecca and heaven all in one. The accommodations are first class, the food is some of the best in the world and the espresso is everywhere. Ari has flown from a ton of different sites all across the range with his local friends who are some of the best pilots in the world and he uses this experience and these relationships to plan and execute an absolute bender of paragliding. 

Your instructor

There is nothing more impactful to your trip than the quality and character of your guide. Ari is an incredibly knowledgeable and articulate instructor who has been guiding xc paragliding since 2018.

Ari in the Air

Ari has been a professional action sports athlete his entire adult life. He’s been paragliding for more than 9 years and over 2500 flight hours in 15 countries on 5 continents. Initially he chased acrobatics, reminiscent of his freeskiing background. Eventually, after his first 115km XC flight, (acro harness, no flight instrument, food or water or any idea what he was doing), he was hooked. He’s been chasing XC and competition flying ever since. Ari has taught paragliding, philosophy and relationship skills on his youtube channel and podcast since 2017. He lives in bend Oregon and coaches men on their communication and relationships, running a men’s group and teaching courses. His international paragliding clinics provide a unique opportunity for pilots to develop their skills while also focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.


  • P3 and P4 Pilots who have experience thermaling, gliding and have completed an siv clinic.
  • Pilots with at least 50hrs flight time
  • Pilots who want to explore the paragliding in Italy with guides that know the local area
  • Pilots who can launch and land confidently in new places, without help
  • People who are open-minded, curious, motivated, enthusiastic, friendly, polite, team-oriented, mindful, and fun! 


  • 7 days of small group INSTRUCTION and adventure with Ari
  • Transportation from the Venice Airport to the hotel
  • Cost of your tram ride to launch, daily
  • 9 nights accommodations
  • BREAKFASTS and coffee
  • Daily site and weather briefings
  • In-air radio guidance
  • Launch Fees
  • 1-to-1 time with instructor, tracklog review and debriefs
  • Daily shuttles to the launch site, landing zone pick-up and XC retrieve
  • An intentional container for you to be yourself


  • Airline flights
  • Food and drink (except where breakfast may be included in the hotel stay, our detailed itinerary will let you know once you’re booked)
  • Cost of any additional or optional activities
  • HEALTH AND TRAVEL Insurance (required)
  • Any additional nights accommodation if you arrive early or leave late


This is an overview. We will be flexible on flying sites due to weather. We may have to drive a few hours, we may have to move accommodations. If the group wants to adventure on the ground during unflyable weather, Ari will guide us to do the funnest adventures in the area. We’ll spend time in the evenings reviewing flight logs, talking xc theory and weather and more. We’re in this together and we’ll make it awesome.
September 1
3pm – Van Leaves Venice Airport for the dolomites
5:30pm – Arrive at airbnb. Settle in, get gear sorted for the week of flying
630pm – Opening dinner celebration and meeting
September 2
7:30am – eat breakfast, drink coffee, talk paragliding, we’re gettin ready!
9am – Leave for day of flying. Walking the Lz’s, site intros and flight plans
11am – Launch window opens
5pm – all pilots are picked up and back at airbnb. Chill till dinner
6pm – exploring the city and it’s fabulous cuisine
September 3-8, flying days
730am – breakfast and coffee and open questions for instructors
10am – head to launch. Flight plans and lessons
1130am – launch
5pm – all pilots are picked up and back at airbnb. chill till dinner
6pm – dinner adventure
(Last night together is a closing dinner celebration!)
September 9
6am – van leaves Venice airport
(anyone who needs to leave early will have our support on logistics and transport, aka we’ll help you find the right bus and get you to the station on time)

Investment – $5000

What other pilots thought

5 Guests maximum

September 1-9 2024, Italian Dolomites

The trip of your lifetime!


  • USHPA P3 license or above or international equivalent license
  • Paragliding Equipment
    • Certified paraglider
    • Certified harness
    • Reserve parachute
    • Helmet
    • Unlocked dual-band VHF radio – we recommend the Yaesu FT-270 or FT-65R.
    • Highly recommended to have a cockpit and flight instrument, could be as simple as your phone
    • Garmin Inreach or Spot with active service and on
  • Ability to confidently take off and land on your own.
  • Basic fitness level – ability to sustain a 35-minute power walk or hike your glider kit 2 miles continuous
  • Warm clothes – you will feel the cold once you’ve thermalled to cloud base
  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes – hiking boots are ideal
  • USHPA does not cover third party insurance outside of USA. You can purchase travel insurance from World Nomads.


Gallery of Dolomites



Have any questions? We are always open to discussing the trip, your flight goals, gear and how we can help you.
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