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The Gaggle is an exclusive digital paragliding community. It is the place for pilots to connect with top experts and other pilots. From beginners to comp pilots alike, the gaggle supports learning and progression at every level.

Ongoing Mentorship

Our sport is plagued by a lack of mentorship and knowledge sharing. Our community fixes this. Could you fly better if you had a mentor to guide you? Duh. We give you a dedicated instructor, and a time and place to have all your questions answered, every month. Our instructors provide road maps for you, so you can stay on a safe and progressive path to progression.

Your direct connection to all paragliding knowledge

Ask anything, get solid advice. Hear other people’s questions and struggles and learn from them too. Have the support of your peers and the guidance of pros. Support ensures you can learn more, faster, safer!

Come Fly with us

Ready to explore the sky? Get in touch and start the most incredible journey of your life, today!

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